Would you like to Raise Money for your Organization without having to sell anything?

No More Selling Items like Candy or Baked Goods!

Time to Say HELLO to FOOD!

We put the FUN in Fundraising!

bs-oneChoose a Fundraiser date, location and time by calling Baja Sonora at 562-425-8088. (Locations include our restaurants on Spring at Clark and Atlantic at 35th St.)
bs-oneAdvertise! Hand out as many Fundraiser Flyers as possible and get the word out! Any big gathering is the ideal time to promote your event.
bs-oneCome and enjoy your event at Baja Sonora! Let us be the cook for you while you have fun and raise money for your organization.
bs-oneYour organization will earn 20% of all of Baja Sonora’s net sales (pre-tax) on the night you host your event with us. Hours: All days except Tuesday. Please┬ácall ahead for times and dates.

Call Us Today to Book your Event: 562-425-8088!

We put the FUN in Fundraising!