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Baja Sonora has donated over $50,000 to local schools!

Best Local Mexican Restaurant & Best Happy Hour in Long Beach.

- Press Telegram 2014

Best of the West

- Sunset Magazine

Best Taco in Long Beach.

- Press Telegram

Baja Sonora continues to satisfy hundreds of appetites each day.

- MyFoxLA

Best Catering Business In Long Beach 2011

- Press Telegram

Partnership in Education

- Long Beach School District

5th District Best Neighbor Award 2011, 2012, 2013

- City Council for Community Services

What our customers says

18+ Years of Positive Reviews can’t be Wrong!

Holy Burrito, Batman!! Like an elephant in the living room, you can’t ignore a burrito that size. Does it taste good? Damn straight!

Larry Hill

Grunion Gazette

Combine the fast food prices, mom and pop quality with its truly authentic Tijuana atmosphere and the ingredients for a fun, lively and delicious outing are all there.

Tony Sanders

Long Beach Beachcomber

This is fine, fresh Mexican food, the kind that all of us have learned to adore

Jennie Douglas

Press Telegram

If you are in the mood for delicious, fresh, authentic Mexican food in a fun and casual environment, where everyone can eat and drink at affordable prices…. stop in at Baja Sonora. You will not be disappointed. Cheers

Dina Binderim

Baja Sonora delivers huge flavor.

Larry Hill

Grunion Gazette

Delicious food, good service, friendly staff, and comfortable seating. This place has it all, and then some. The location is convenient, and the food is reasonably priced. The atmosphere is a bit tense, but others seem to muster a smile when eating.

John G.

Best thing to order on the menu, IMO…the Pollo Bowl. You won’t be disappointed. Lots of yummy grilled chicken breast pieces, with grilled veggies (mushroom, broccoli, red/yellow/green peppers, onion) over black beans and their yummy “green” rice. Their huge serving is perfect for saving some for dinner.

Erica C.

The machaca, rocks. The fish tacos, rock. The chile verde burrito..again, hell ya. The total tostada (a salad in its own right), rocks. Horchata or Jamaica anyone…just make sure you pack a bit of ice and get it cold. Again, there’s nothing I’ve ordered that I did not like and I generally have the problem of getting the same thing on a regular basis.

Chris J.

Five Stars. Deep fried beef taco is addictive and fun to eat. Looks like they only fry the bottom portion of the taco so it’s not greasy like I thought it would be. This section is juicy and flavorful and stays intact like a thin shelled, soft taquito. For couple of bucks this is an awesome deal.

Louis N.

We would drive by Baja Sonora and notice that their little parking lot would be packed so one day we parked and went in and gave it a try. This is why I gave it 5 stars:
* The price is right. Their combos come with a drink.
* Their refried beans (always our litmus test for Mexican restaurants) are excellent, perfect taste and consistency.
* Their tacos are cooked the way they are supposed to be and made with shredded beef (not ground). Great taste again.
* The service experience the majority of the times we’ve been there is friendly.
* Family friendly environment – they don’t get pissy about my daughter making a little mess on the floor like most kids do – what do you expect? even I make a mess sometimes!

Missy R

Baja Sonora tacos are the bomb!

Michael Mason

Press telegram

When the tacos come out they are hot and incredible and you can’t beat their Taco happy hour.

T. Worrall

Press telegram

My husband prefers the hard shell; I prefer the soft tacos, so we can tell you that they’re both the best…. We have both traveled extensively in Mexico and we would put Baja Sonora’s tacos up against any in Mexico.

Sharon Warden

Press telegram